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What are the Effects of Lifestyle Change on sexual Functions

Sexual problems not only relate to consequences of aging, but there are several medical, psychological and socio-cultural factors that can affect  sexual health. These factors relate to men’s own choices and way life. Therefore, men can reduce all his health issues including sexual problems with the change of his lifestyle, choices and way of life. 

What is Lifestyle?

Lifestyle is a comprehensive term which includes personal behaviors, family life, weight, management, exercise, psychological matters, stress, smoking, recreational drug use, medication, alcohol, environmental disclosure, cloth choices etc.

How lifestyle affects on sexual health

Lifestyle is an important factor that can play a significant role to enhance overall well-being. Lifestyle contains multiple positive or negative effects on reproductive health in both men and women.
It is an important to understand that lifestyle change is an effective way to improve the quality of life and reproductive health. Positive and healthy change in habits, eating order, behavior, and  in social relations have also a great effect on sexual health .
However, it is established that harmful environment, eating disorder or nutritional imbalance, stress and depression have various harmful effects on sexual heath and reproductive functions.
  • Tension and stress

 Emotional and psychological stress always has significant negative effects on sexual health and overall health . The physiological stress has various negative impacts on the romantic relationships between partners, financial issues, mental health and heart functions. Consequently, all these issues have the great impact on the ability to perform sexual activities.

  • Anxiety

 Anxiety strongly associated with tension and stress and both  play and important role to reduce  self-confidence and  also negatively affect the capability of performing sex with the partner.
  • Smoking and Alcohol

Smoking and alcohol both play the negative role to create many health difficulties such as heart problems and sexual dysfunction. It is reported smoking is one of the causes of erectile dysfunction. 
  • Impacts of diet and exercise

Healthy food and diet play the key role in improving sexual health. There are many vitamins and food supplements that help  to enhancement of reproductive health in men and women. It is confirmed that fruits, vegetables as well as fiber, folate play the greater role in improving sexual power and semen quality.

  • Overweight (Obesity)

 Overweight often relate with habits and numerous activities of men and women. It is well established  that overweight  can also affect on physiological functions. It also may lead to erectile problems. Lifestyle changes is an effective and  reliable approach to losing weight  .

Conclusion: It is important to understand that men’ health always remain under men’s own control. In face, the lifestyle change can reduce  health problems as well as sexual problems. Individual should try to discover pleasurable movements with their partner/friend, family to overcome depression. It is important to know that  healthy diet options, change in behavior, fashion, house decoration and good clothiers can change whole emotional and sexual life

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