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Relationship Between Sexual Health and Happy Family life

The spirit of a happy family is that both partners must be strictly helpful to each other and try to provide essential needs of human life. Sexual satisfaction is one of the natural requirements of the human being. Infect, good sexual power is one of the natural cause of great happy life. According to the  latest research, sexual health strongly affects on relations of partners in their behavior, positive thinking, and physical fitness.Benefits of sexual health are:
  •          Sexual satisfaction
  •          Mental well-being
  •   Good Physical   performance
  •          Happy life
  •        Positive thinking
  •          Strong decision power
  •        High confidence level

Impact of sexual Problems on family life

  Sexual weakness is an inability to perform sex activities properly, because of this adult cannot able to get complete satisfaction. Moreover, Sexual weakness can be disturbed the life of families, peer, and partners. Sexuality plays a fundamental role in the strong relationship between partners and both partners have the equally important role to make a happy life. A point of satisfaction, understanding, comfort and love between the partners depend on upon the sexual satisfaction. Some negative o effects of sexual weakness are:
  •     Reduce quality of life
  •   Relationship discord
  •     Depression
  •     Low physical performance
  •    Sleep disorder
  •  Low confidence level
  •       Eating Disorders
  •         Infertility
God created human being (man and woman) and He gave them multiple opportunities for expressing the essence of their sexuality.  Sexual health importantly reflects on social life, thoughts, desires, feelings and decisions
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