What are the 5 Important Factors of Sexual Health. How we can Measure Sexual Helath Status


Sexual health relates with multiple dimensions that include physical, psychological, socio-economic and psychosexual factors. The following five factors illustrate the integrative sexual health and each of them responsible and an indicator of   sexual health throughout life.

  • The Biological Factors 

 The biological factor is an important factor for sex drive and health. It includes vascular organs and harmonic system. Good physical health condition is the responsible of sexual health. It is important to remember that poor physical and hormonal  condition may lead to several sexual problems such as erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder.  

  • The Psychological Factor

  Psychological factor mostly involves with mental health. It includes sexual thoughts, feelings, and behavior. Stress, depuration, and anxiety have negative effects on thoughts and feelings which lead to several sexual problems

  • The Relationship Factor

 Relationship factor is an important factor in sexual health. Relationship cooperation and understanding help to enhance sexual health. Lifestyle, conflict resolution, and healthy relationship play a key role in promoting sexual health and the quality of life.

  • Societal Norms Factor

 The social and cultural environmental factor is the most important matter in sexuality.  This social factor includes societal attitudes as well as moral, cultural laws, religious and ethical principles. An individual always perform sexual activities within the social laws and norms with freedom. The restrictions of the culture are important to your sexual health.

  • The Psychosexual Skills

 It contains the behavioral, cognitive, interpersonal and emotional factors in sexuality. These aspects help to improve and facilitate confidence and satisfaction.

These are the basic and important factors of sexual health.  All sexual health  depend upon these five factors. It is important to understand that all sexual problems relate with the abnormal and disturbance of these factors.