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What is Testosterone Therapy? Benefits and Rissks of TRT

  Testosterone replacement therapy (TRT) is the primary effective treatment option for hypogonadism. Testosterone replacement therapy helps to increase the testosterone level and improve the low testosterone’s related problems and diseases. There are several benefits of testosterone replacement therapy. Testosterone treatment enhances the sexual health, boost sexual performance etc.

When Testosterone Replacement therapy will Start

It is important to remember that professional and specialist doctor play a key role to suggest the TRT according to patient condition. A patient who wants to take testosterone blood test, he must take in the morning, because testosterone levels are higher in the morning than evening. 

Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

 It is well established that there are many benefits of testosterone replacement therapy such as: 

  •        Restore sexual function,
  •          Increase in libido
  •          In cases of hypogonadotropic hypogonadism, restore fertility[2]
  •          Optimize bone density
  •          Potentially affect the risk of cardiovascular disease
  •         Reduce fat and increase muscle
  •          Improve your concentration
  •         Maintain sleep order
  •         Improve insulin sensitivity
  •          Improve mood
  •          Increase quality of life and well- being

 Testosterone Replacement Therapy and Overweight (obesity)

Obesity deeply associated with quality of life and overall men’s health condition. There are many food’s supplements and drugs for controlling weight (weight loss) but they have serious side effects. However, limited and effective approach to lose weight is lifestyle changes. It is reliable and effective approach but it takes long time and in most cases it is  unsustainable.  
Testosterone plays an important role to control the weight. Recent studies show, TRT  affect on decreeing weight.  There are a lot of people arise the questions, how they lose weight fast and quickly?  There is strong relation between fat and testosterone. It is confirmed that “testosterone therapy is associated with greater increments in fat free mass and grip strength and greater reductions in fat mass than those associated with placebo administration alone.[3]   Recent studies also prove that gain fat- free mass associates with low testosterone level.-

Effect of Testosterone  on Growth of the penis

Testosterone is a key role to boost size of penis and make erections harder. It helps men to enhance the flow of blood in the penis.   As. T. Hugh Jones says “Testosterone is critical in the maintenance of normal penile architecture and vascular flow”.[4]

Risks of Testosterone Replacement Therapy

The risks of testosterone replacement therapy depend upon some specific factors such as life, age, and patient’s medical condition. There are many of side effects of TR which include:
  •        Sleep disorder
  •          Increased risk of developing prostate cancer,
  •          Sleep disorder
  •          increase risk cardiovascular diseases
  •       Increase stroke.
  It is important the mentioned that the treatment is safe generally as T. Hugh Jones says “If the decision to treat I carefully made, contraindication excluded, and treatment monitored, then the current evidence suggests that testosterone replacement therapy s safe and well be cost- effective. [5]
 However, patient should not take testosterone injections, who suffer with prostate cancer, breast cancer, serious heart diseases, liver and kidney diseases.

Therapeutic options for Testosterone Replacement Therapy

There are various therapeutic options of testosterone replacement treatment available in USA and other part of world, including oral, subcutaneous, intramuscular, and transdermal preparations.[6] But most young men from 22 to 69 prefer a gel product.[7]

 Top 5 Gel Drug for Testosterone Replacement Therapy in USA

 This is not a complete list of replacement injections testosterone but it has the most reliable brands in USA. In addition, always consult your doctor for medical guidance before receiving injections. (For more information about brand visit FDA website (

Brand Name
AbbVie Inc.
Eli Lilly & Co
Endo pharmaceuticals
Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Endo pharmaceuticals

The injection should be received under the supervision of specialist doctor in the clinic.   In addition you report to your medical doctor immediately if you feel some health issues during or after receiving injections.

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