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Effects Sexual Activities on Heart Functions

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Sexuality is the natural physical demand of every men and women and it plays an important role in gender relationship. However, when association between sexual dysfunction and heart diseases has been reported, several heart patients start to feel hesitation or abstain from sexual activities. This hesitation may affect on their quality of life and well- being.
It is essential question in the case of sexuality, how sexual activities affect on the heart health? It is accepted that there are strong relation between sexuality and heart. Ramalm D Lersen writes “The heart is linked to romance and to the soul, so any threat to cardiac function is emotionally linked to matter to the self, sexuality and intimacy.[1]

  What are the Positive impact of sexual Activities on Heart Functions

The recent study indicates that sexual dysfunction or sexual problems can negatively affect on cardiac functions.  However, it is established that having sex twice or more a week reduced the risk of serious heart attack by half. [2]  Here is also strong relation among sexual health, depression and heart. Robert A. Erectile says" There is a clear association between depression and heart disease, there is also a well – documented association between sexual dysfunction (ED) and depression. Depression may priced the ED, or, alternatively, sexual dysfunction may contribute to the development of depression.”[3]

Relationship Between Erectile Dysfunction and Cardiovascular Diseases

There is strong association between erectile dysfunction and cardiovascular diseases.  It is established that ED is one of the powerful earlier indicator of cardiovascular diseases. It is important to remember that erection is the vascular event and ED is a vascular disease. [4]
 How sexual activity increase heart risks with cardiovascular diseases
According to scientific study, it is possibly safe to have sex when your cardiovascular disease has diagnosed and stabilized.  However, it is kept in mind that sexual exercise can increase the heart rate and blood flow.[5] It may become the dangerous point for heart patients during having sexual intercourse. According to Jennifer HillmanThe implication for sexuality in relation to heart disease, including heart attack, stroke, and high blood pressure, should not be underestimated from either a medical or psychological standpoint”. [6]
It does not mean that heart patient strictly avoid and ignore sexual exercise. It depends on situation of patient and his specific heart disease.  It is patient’s duty to improve his overall health, take good diet, maintain exercise opportunity   on regular basis and control stress response as well as  most likely to achieve satisfaction from sexual activities as well.[7] Finally, it is important to remember, in this situation heart patient should visit to cardiologist and should be avoid hard and maximum sexual activities but it depend on his specific heart condition.

Effects of Sexual Problems on Coronary Heart Diseases

Sexual problems commonly relate to those people who suffer with coronary heart diseases. It can affect patient’s quality of life and well-being.[8] It is reported that men who develop chronic cardiovascular disease mostly experience with decrease in libido and it automatically lead to decrease sexual desire [9] and erectile dysfunction[10]. Furthermore, there is strong association between cardiovascular disease and sexual dysfunction. Patient with cardiovascular disease are often seeking treatment for sexual dysfunction and the potential cardiac risks related with sexual activities. [11]

In general, a patient with coronary dieses may always fear from cardiovascular event such as sudden heart attack during sexual activities, because of the rising of heart rate during such activities.  But Keep in mind the rate of having a heart attack and life threatening incidents during sexual activities is low.

Impact of heart attack on sexual health

Most heart patient reported that they feel sexual weakness after the heart attack episode or coronary surgery.[12] It is important to understand that Anxiety and depression will take place after heart attack; it can affect on the decreasing of libido.[13]
Impact of heart medication and drugs on sexual health
It is reported that some cardiac medications frequently have sexual side effects, and can decrease sexual performance.[14] It is reported that Beta-blockers and lipid lowering drugs have been led to intensify and erectile dysfunction in men.[15]  If sexual problems are not addressed along with heart treatment, may patient suffer with reducing quality of life and enjoyment in future?  It must to say that cardiologists and physicians frequently ask questions about patient’s lives and sexual health before and after an acute coronary diseases episode.[16]

 Finally, it is well establish that there is strong association between sexual dysfunction and heart diseases. It is important question that how can perform sexual activities with heart diseases? It is ovulated issue in modern words and it needs more exploration and investigation.
 It is most important to understand that your doctor (cardiologist) is one of the most important guardians of your health. Heart patient should discuss all his sexual problems along with heart condition with the doctor for the diagnose and find out best solution of  both heart diseases and sexual problems..

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