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How Parents Keep Safe their Children From Child Sexual Abuse

 It is the important question that how parents can protect and prevent the child prom sexual abuse. Parents and teachers can play a key role in the prevention of child sexual abuse. It is the parental duty to   provide the basic knowledge and guidance of sex and positive and negative effects of sexual abuse.

15 Tips that Help Parents to Protect the Children from Child Sexual Abuse

Parents and teachers should pay attention to keep safe their children from CSA. These are some important suggestions and tips that help to protect the child from CSA:
1.      Make good and happy relation with child
2.       Parents should spend their precious time with child and listen to concerns of the child very carefully
3.      Try to solve the problems of child as soon as possible
4.      Provide the environment in which child can ask questions and share his feelings without any hesitation
5.      Aware of any negative sexual behavior and act
6.      Don’t leave the child with the unknown person when you have the reservation.
7.      Look upon child activities at home, school and social places
8.      Make surprising visit at school and other places to chick your child activities
9.      Talk  with child about his relations and friends
10.  Provide the ideal environment in which the child can  discuss all his matters frequently
11.  Be aware of child activities on internet and media.
12.  Educate the child about the negative effects of sexual abuse in future
13.  Stop the child from negative sexual behavior such as use of drugs and alcohol consumption in the early life
14.  Aware of sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV
15.  Provide the basic sexual education about positive and negative sexual behavior.

 This is the parents and teachers duty to play an important role in the prevention of CSA. It is important to understand that we all are responsible for coming generation.  It is our duty to spend our time and energies for our children and provide them safe and healthy environment.

 Source. The Seduction of Children nwritten by Christiane Snderson, bublished by  Jessica Kingsley Publishers London  in  2005.
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